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December 12, 2022

Once you have created and staffed your production, you can visit the crew list to see your entire team. Create teams in order to sort and groupcrew members into teams suited for your production. This will help you easily target the right people for the right information when publishing posts, ensuring the crew members get relevant information.

Web interface

Create new team

Navigate to your productions team list by clicking Crew to open the dropdown menu, and then click Teams.
You will find yourself in this list, and if you have staffed and onboarded your crew, you will se crew members in this list.
All crew members will at first be placed in "No team".

  1. Select the crew member/members you want to add to your first team by checking the checkbox to the left of their avatar.
  2. Select Create new team, at the bottom action bar.
  3. Enter a name for your team, and click Apply.

Moving crew members between teams

  1. Select the crew member/members you want to move to another team, by checking the checkbox to the left of their avatar.
  2. Select Move to existing team, at the bottom action bar.
  3. Chock what team you want to move to, and click Apply.

Assigning/Changing access levels on crew members

Access levels gives users, access do different functionalities within the production.

  1. Hover over the line of the crew member you want to change access level for, and you will see three icons at the far right.
    Edit member - Remove from team - Remove from crew.
  2. Click Edit member, and a popup modal will open.
  3. Select the access level you want, and click Confirm.
    (see below for details regarding access levels)

The lowest access level. Giving the user membership to the production, ability to

  • see posts targeted for team the user is a part of.
  • see the production team list.

Including everything from User level, adding the ability to

  • create and edit posts & polls.
  • see all post no matter the targeting.
  • see all post drafts.
  • see read reciepts for all posts.

The highest access level. Including everything from User & Poster adding the ability to

  • edit production details.
  • create production periods / legs.
  • create bookings and staff the crew.
  • invite crew members into the production.
  • create & edit teams. Also moving crew members between teams.
  • edit roles for crew members.
  • edit & assigning access levels.

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