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Qyre - Making media production easier.

Qyre is made for the TV Industry

Qyre is made by media professionals, for media professionals. Qyre's functionality frees up time and resources from repetitive tasks so that you can focus on what you do best - Creating and producing content.

Many different roles and media industry professionals can benefit from using Qyre. Qyre is an app built both as a tool for project managers and production companies, as well as a marketplace for professional freelancers, within media production.

Qyre streamlines media production by putting recruitment,
communication, and information all into one platform.

The Qyre app is available for both Android and iOS:

  • Qyre’s network of top tier freelancers has tons of experience from the professional TV, Film and Commercial production industry.
  • No matter if you are a Brand, Influencer, YouTuber, Company… or just about to get married. Our network is now available to you.
  • Inform teams or your entire crew in seconds with updates and production info.

By media professionals,
for media professionals.

What Qyre
can do for you

∙ Reach outside your own network and find new professional talent.

∙ Spend less time staffing, and more time on the creative product.

∙ Have all production-related information gathered in one place.

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We built Qyre to make work-life in the industry we love a little easier.
No matter if you’re a freelancing sound mixer or a booking producer at a production company,
Qyre can help you bring order to the chaos.

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